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PPR Season 12 – Challenge 4

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This week’s challenge is titled “Tie the Knot.” We were to create a look using a bow tie as our inspiration. The bow tie should be used in an unconventional way. As we weren’t provided a variety of ties, we could also use a regular necktie. We could also use additional fabrics if desired.

I don’t think Joe would have been pleased had I used one of his ties, so off to the thrift store I went. They didn’t have any bow ties, so I picked out a regular neck tie instead. Unsurprisingly, the pickin’s were pretty slim at the thrift store. Lots of extremely ugly ties. Sorry, but I don’t think a Santa Claus tie is particularly fashionable. I ended up finding one that I didn’t despise, but it was very stained and dirty.  It was time to make it work. So I washed the tie. It was quite disgusting. The tie bled like crazy, so I’m glad I was hand washing it alone in the sink. I pulled it apart, removed the sodden inside material, and let it dry (and I completely neglected to take a photo of it.) A coolish ironing and some spray starch later, I had my main material.

My idea was to play with the idea of formal wear and the shape of a bow tie. I wanted to make a formal dress with a bow tie as the main feature.



Zhanna walks the runway in a simple gown featuring an oversized bow tie at the bust.

The basic silhouette of the dress is made with the necktie. I thought the lavender and navy polka dots were a nice scale for my model. The shape of the dress is very simple. But it had to be, due to the giant boob bow that was the focal point of the look. I made the bow tie out of a bit of aubergine satin.

I had the worst time trying to work with the tie material. I typically create darts and other shaping to fit my garments to my model. This material fought me like crazy. I believe the fabric is cut on the bias, so it stretched in odd ways and seemed to fight me constantly. I’m just not versed in working with slippery bias cut material. So I kind of gave up on trying to get a tailored fit and just left the dress “figure skimming.”

In styling this look, I was thinking along the lines of “charity gala.” So not really red carpet, but more “rich ladies at a $5,000 a plate dinner.” So the styling is definitely a bit more…extravagant than normal?



In going a bit more over-the-top than normal, the Belk wall was pretty useful this week. I picked the Badgely Mischka Humbie II Sandal (what is with that name?) the Carolee A Pearl Affair Cluster Gold Bracelet, and the piece de la resistance, the Mary Frances Love n Der Handbag. (Was this the bag that Sandro wanted to use? I thought it worked well with my dress.)

For hair, I think smooth and loose like Zhanna’s hair is nice, though a low chignon would also be lovely. Makeup should be dramatic for night, a deep, smoky eye and medium-tone lipstick.

Overall, I’m not all that happy with this look. I think the silhouette of the gown is too simple and the boob bow is a weird size. It is definitely not one of my best looks. I think I would be in the bottom three this week. Luckily for me, Sandro removed himself via his shitfit, so I am safe.

As per usual, don’t forget to take a look to see what the other participants created this week at the PPR Flickr Page.


Project Project Runway 2012: Challenge 4 Runway

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This week’s challenge was by far the hardest one yet for me. For maybe the first time ever in participating in Project Project Runway, I actually dreaded working on this project.

Why? Because this week’s challenge, Good Taste Tastes Good, we had only 1 hour to complete our looks! Which for me is absolutely nothing. It probably takes me an hour just to draft my patterns during a normal challenge. So the idea of being runway-ready in only sixty minutes was simply mind-boggling to me.

As on the show, we were able to pick from a variety of gelato flavors to inspire our looks. Our options were: chocolate with cayenne pepper, kiwi, cantaloupe, milk with sour cherries, passion fruit, blueberry, green tea, Madagascar vanilla, grapefruit, and  fruits of the forest (mixed berry.)

I decided to work with the idea of “grapefruit” this week. Which is funny, because in terms of actual gelato, that would be the flavor I would be least-likely to pick, as I kind of hate the flavor of grapefruit. But I chose this flavor because although Michael’s look won the challenge this week, I didn’t actually think it addressed the flavor inspiration all that well. as I said in my recap,

 Grapefruit is a bit tart and sour, with a surprising sweetness, and I don’t see very much of those aspects in this garment.

So I wanted to address my own critique, and make a garment that I thought reflected these qualities of the flavor.

May walks the runway in a two-layer dress; a hot pink strapless under-dress and a one-shouldered yellow over-dress that is ruched at one side.

When I was conceptualizing this dress, I could not get the image of peeling away the yellowish skin of a grapefruit, revealing the pink flesh of the fruit. I felt that I somehow needed to evoke this image, and it spoke to me in terms of the sour/sweet dichotomy of the flavor. I wanted to create my garment in a way showed both the “skin” and “flesh” of the fruit. Thus I decided the dress should be two layers, and that the “skin” layer should somehow be manipulated to give the feeling of it being peeled away. I settled on the idea of attempting to ruche the fabric, so that the pink under-dress would be revealed at the top and bottom of the garment.

My other major concern was creating a look that I could produce within my one-hour time constraint. I knew I would need to do a simple silhouette, and I would need to minimize the amount of finish sewing–I didn’t have time to be finishing my edges or hemming my garments. So I chose thin knit fabrics, as they tend to survive without fraying at least a little while with unfinished edges. Within my hour, I drafted the simple tube-style under-dress (essentially a rectangle) drafted the over-dress (harder than a rectangle,) cut out both pieces, sewed a couple of rows of stitches on the over-dress (on both sides) at the side to be ruched using a very long stitch length, used these to pull and gather the fabric, pinned the two ruffled sides together and stitched them, stitched the ruffled side of the dress to the under-dress, flipped it around to sew the seam of the under-dress, flipped it right-side out again, and popped it on the model, fixing a few little things here or there (such as trimming loose threads and reshaping the over-dress neckline.)

I styled the dress from the Neiman Marcus Accessory Wall. For shoes I picked the crazy-looking Jimmy Choo Neon Zigzag Ankle-Wrap sandals  and the Diane von Furstenberg Lytton Minaudiere Clutch. For hair, I think a sleek ponytail could be cute. For makeup, I think fresh and dewy would be the keywords. Who would wear this dress? Probably someone very young (I really don’t know very many teen or tween stars) and probably only to a very loose event, like the Kid’s Choice Awards or something like that.

This challenge was so exhausting. The hardest part was that there was no room for do-overs, or even time for any real finessing of the look. I knew I needed to be happy just getting something on the model and this was really hard for me to accept. And even worse is putting something I’m not particularly proud of down the runway. When I look at this dress, all I can see are my errors, but I just didn’t have time to fix them. I think I would probably be on the bottom this week because my execution was abysmal. And that makes me sad, because usually I spend a lot of time getting my looks tailored and well-fitting. And I can’t even really stand by my work all that proudly.  I think my concept was a good one, I certainly stand my that; so maybe the judges would keep me in for another week knowing that this week was kind of a fluke and that maybe I just don’t work all that well under such strict time constraints. Hopefully next week’s will be better.

Come see some really great looks at the Project Project Runway Flickr Group. There are some really standout looks this week!

Project Runway All Stars: Episode 4 Recap

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Down to ten designers. This season is going by so quickly!

The challenge is to create a tasteful outfit inspired by a flavor of gelato. Oh yum! I’m partial to Frutti di Bosco, or Fruits of the Forest (basically mixed berry.) When I studied abroad in Rome during college, I lived above a gelato shop. Actually, this gelateria. You’d think living above a gelato shop would result in eating a metric ton of gelato, but for me that wasn’t really the case. Anyway, each designer gets to choose the flavor that will be their inspiration.

Michael: grapefruit

Mondo: Cantaloupe

Mila: Milk and Sour Cherries

April: Blueberry

Jerell: Fruits of the forest

Kenley: Passion Fruit

Austin: Vanilla Madagascar

Anthony: Green Tea

Rami: Kiwi

Kara: Chocolate with Cayenne Pepper

The guest judge this week is the amazing Diane Von Furstenberg. That is a pretty dang big name to get on the show! On the downside, the designers only have six hours to create their looks. Uggggh. Some of my tiny little Barbie-sized outfits have taken six hours! I have no clue how the contestants are supposed to create anything decent at all in such a miniscule amount of time. This is producer mandated, no doubt about it, and that’s sad. I have been appreciating the caliber of the work and the minimization of the drama on this show; I hate these pressure-cooker situations created just for the sake of getting the contestants frustrated. It’s just crappy for such a high-quality design competition. I know that in theory these things make “good tv,” but you know what I think makes for good tv? Good designs and good output. And in order to achieve those good things, designers need adequate time. I’m not suggesting that the show give the designers weeks to make their work, but asking them to create full outfits in six hours is actually kind of insulting–these are the all-stars, and giving them so little time doesn’t make me excited to watch, it makes me feel exasperated. I just wish they would stop with these manipulative shenanigans and let the designers do what they do–design!

The Runway

The judges this week are the usuals, Georgina Chapman and Isaac Mizrahi, and they are joined by guest judges Diane Von Furstenberg and model Miranda Kerr. Miranda will be wearing the winning design to and incredibly and probably purposefully vague “industry event.”

All images from The website has a lot more pictures, and even has a neat zoom option if you want to see more of these looks.

Mondo (cantaloupe): I think he did a good job translating the cantaloupe to the garment. The colors he chose are very refreshing, like the fruit. I think it is really smart that he went with a caftan, it really captures a sort of “brunch on the beach” feel. I would never, ever pick that pale orange and light lime green to go together, but they look surprisingly lovely in this outfit. This is a cool, breezy resortwear look, and I really like it. It also moves beautifully on the runway.

Anthony (green tea): Not a bad look. I actually really like the flippy little skirt, it adds a lot of movement to the look, which it sorely needed, as the top is so stiff. At first I didn’t quite “get” the top, but I think he was trying to represent the idea of the tea leaf in the shape of the bodice. I don’t think it was entirely successful, as it just looks a bit overworked. The color of the top is maybe a bit too bright for me. When I think of green tea, I think very calming and serene, and this color is a bit too lime green to reflect that feeling for me.

Kenley (passionfruit): The print is nice, but beyond that I’m not really sure how this dress represents passionfruit. There is very little passion to this dress; aside from the print, it is actually quite structured and maybe a little too straight-laced. Don’t get me wrong, minus the pussy bow, this is something I would totally pick up at the store, I just don’t feel like it reflects the challenge all that well–it seems like a dress Kenley knows how to make, so she picked a bright fabric and called it a day.

Rami (kiwi): Oh no. This is not good to me. I’ve liked so much of what Rami has done this season that this is really a disappointment to me. I really do not like the combination of green tones that he picked, from chartreuse to lime to pistachio. The colors do not work at all for me. And the variety of fabrics, the shiny satin for the skirt, the slightly sheer fabric he draped on the bodice, and the polka dot, they just don’t fit together at all for me. I suppose the silhouette is nice, but otherwise, this is not a good look, and not very kiwi beyond the (poor) color choices. That’s a bad miss.

Mila (milk and sour cherries): Pretty darn cool. I know I so often slam Mila for her predictable designs, but this is actually a very nice look. It is still very much in her aesthetic with the color blocking, but I love that she went out of her comfort zone with the color palette. I’m also not sure how many things we’ve seen her make utilizing more drape-y fabrics or sheers, so this is a fairly big departure. I think the fabric choice was very smart, as the fabrics have almost a creamy feel to them, which makes a lot of sense for a gelato-based challenge. I wish the sleeves were finessed a bit more, but overall a nice look.

Jerell (fruits of the forest): Urgh. I don’t think I’ve liked a single thing Jerell has made, and tonight is no exception. Even Joe felt outraged at this look. In complete truth, he got up from behind the computer, stood by the tv, pointing and shrugging with a confused/disgusted/outraged look on his face that he described as half “no me gusta” and half “no entiendo.” and “I’ve seen much better work at cosplay conventions.” Yes, Project Runway night is fun at our house. So, to get to the nitty-gritty, this is not a good look. Jerell seems obsessed with cutting up the body into weird shapes with his odd seaming choices. The fabrics he picked look ugly and cheap. The neckline is overworked and not well executed, and the skirt is way too short in the front. I’m really ready for him to go home.

Kara (chocolate with cayenne pepper): Well…the model does look kind of ice cream-like. As Kara herself said, the proportions of this look aren’t quite right. There’s something about where the bodice and the skirt come together that is not flattering or attractive. I think Kara had the start of a good idea in her garment, but failed to achieve it. I think she spent most of her time working on the skirt (which is admittedly kind of cute and moves nicely on the runway) and no time working on the ugly bodice. The other problem is that the dress doesn’t really reflect the inspiration all that well.

Michael (grapefruit): Nightgown. Didn’t Gordana go home last week for a nightgown dress? This is a soap opera “come to my boudoir” nightgown dress. Once again, as with Gordana’s last week, it’s all in the color. I just don’t think one can make a floaty or flowy dress out of that pale pink and not have it read sleepwear. Had Michael used a brighter pink, or a pale orange, this could have been a lovely, albeit humongous dress. But as it is, it feels like a robe. Furthermore, I don’t see all that much of the idea of grapefruit in here. Grapefruit is a bit tart and sour, with a surprising sweetness, and I don’t see very much of those aspects in this garment.

April (blueberry): Well, I guess it’s blue. I’m just not responding very much to the dress one way or another. It’s just kind of there to me. It’s very short, so I guess there’s that. And I don’t really like the bodice, the shape reminds me of Batman’s little ear thingies on his cowl. Is it blueberry? Well, it’s blue, but beyond that, I’m not really sure how else it relates to the flavor (although I’m not sure I could do much better conceptualizing a blueberry.) Basically, I find this dress terribly boring, and that’s about all I can say about it. Oh, and when the model turns, she seems to be mere centimeters away from showing her booty. So boring AND short. Hoo-ee.

Austin (Madagascar vanilla): Pretty. It has a creamy feel to it, which is nice. I think working with the idea of vanilla is quite hard. I mean, vanilla has a lot of connotations of blandness, so I think he did a fairly good job of avoiding that. It also is quite limiting when it comes to palette; he pretty much had to stick to white. It’s a nice enough look, maybe a bit boring and a bit “wedding on the beach” bridal, but that’s not necessarily a bad thing. I don’t love the rouching on the bodice, it feels a bit clichéd to me, but I do think the way he incorporated the strap and the texture he created into the rest of the dress is fairly interesting. It’s a fine enough dress, and it matches his vanilla “flavor” pretty well.

My Top 3 Looks:




My Bottom 3 Looks:




The Judges’ Top 3 Looks:




The Judges’ Bottom 3 Looks:




The Results

Mila is safe.

Michael and Mondo are the top two.

And the winner is…Michael. Yep, he is definitely “the chosen one” this season.

So Mondo is safe. In my opinion, he should have won. But then again, I want him to win the whole season, so your mileage may vary.

Anthony is safe.

April and Kara are the bottom two.

Kara is…safe!?

That means April is out. Whaaaa? I mean, I really like Kara, but I’m really shocked by this elimination. I didn’t love April’s look, but I do not think it was the worst by a longshot. But as she herself said in her exit interview, she’s only 22; she still has many good years ahead of her to do well in the business. Best of luck to her in her future endeavors.

Project Project Runway Challenge 4: Runway Show

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The “Nina Challenge.” I can’t believe it has taken nine seasons of the show for this challenge to happen.

To recap, the designers were asked to create a look for Nina Garcia that can transition from daywear to eveningwear. Nina likes things tailored, simple, minimal.

So I made a cute little minimalist dress.



I found this challenge fairly difficult. I wanted to create something that would appeal to Nina, but that would still represent me as a designer. I have noticed that I am drawn to color and to very graphic elements. But I know that in her personal style, Nina is not a big fan of either. So I definitely had to tone down those aspects of my designs while still staying true to myself. I did some searching on Google and found that Nina isn’t as shy about color as perhaps her outfits on Project Runway suggest. I found yellows, purples, corals, and jade along with her usual black, white and gray. So I decided to go with the fresh white and yellow combination.

Each challenge, I’ve also been challenging myself to try new techniques. This week I attempted both inset sleeves, and a sort of reverse applique for the detailing along the neck.



I think the inset sleeves were fairly successful, considering I’ve never done them before and I am working in such a small scale. The reverse applique looks much nicer in the farther-away photos than it does up-close. Keep in mind, though, that the smaller circles are just 1/8” in diameter.

So back to the real challenge, and that is creating a look that goes from daytime to evening. As such, I created two style boards, one for each time of day, because really transitioning from day to evening mostly means changing out the accessories.

First, the daytime look (all accessories from the Piperlime Wall):



And the evening look:



Is it “Nina”? I’m not sure. But I do like it, and I am certainly proud of the new techniques I am teaching myself as I go through this process.

Project Runway: Episode 4 Recap

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Here we go!

Opening Drama

Nothing much to say. I only really enjoy the shit-talking anyway.

The Challenge

The designers will be designing for a client who knows a lot about fashion. As we know from the previews, it’s:

Nina Garcia.

They just can’t get guest stars on this show anymore. Not even Hayden Panettiere who was already slumming it on this channel for “The Amanda Knox Story.”

So anyway, the challenge is to design something for Nina that transitions from daywear to evening.

She likes classic with an edge; streamlined, clean, tailored silhouttes, she doesn’t like volume, pleats, loud colors or patterns. The winning look will be featured in a Marie Claire ad and displayed on the top of NY taxi cabs.

The Workroom

At least it’s nice that Nina is consulting with the designers. She keeps reiterating her minimalism, but she seems to be giving real, directed, constructive criticism. Oddly enough, I find I am liking Nina more. Also, where the hell is Olivier? I don’t think I’ve seen him at all even in a background or reaction shot yet this episode.

After the commercial break we got a quick glimpse of him. I was worried he was M.I.A. or something. I shouldn’t have worried though, if something had happened the production team would have been sure to include it because: Drama. So all is well.

The designers head to Mood.

Becky and Anthony are using the same fabric. Whoops. We’ll see if this can work.

Anya picks out a golden yellow fabric for her…jumpsuit. I just don’t really see Ms. Nina in a yellow jumpsuit.

Danielle ends up with kelly green. Yikes!

After everyone picks out their surprisingly unsophisticated fabrics, they head into the workroom.

We learn that grouchy Cecelia is fond of tomboyish Julie. Who’d’a thunk it?

Nina heads into the workroom. All you designers ready for the beatdown?

Danielle: Her work looks too soft. She seems to take it in stride, though

Julie: The collar is too big, she is adding more orange. Still feels confident

Anya: Does she have a Plan B? Nope.

A bunch of other folks get powered through. They must not be making anything that will be in the top or bottom.

Cecelia: What she has is looking a bit sad. Make it work.

Kimberly: Too much blue

Nina also notes that the winning design will be in a Marie Claire spread. All this added Marie Claire prize package stuff makes me think they are desperate for readership like most of print media so they are trying to pull out the big guns and actually snare some of the PR viewership. I’m pretty sure I’ve never bought a Marie Claire magazine, nor did I buy Elle when it was the PR-associated mag, so I have to wonder how successful this type of promotion really is for their bottom line.

Nina heads back out, leaving a trail of surprisingly nonplussed designers behind her. I was hoping for more major freakouts, but I guess it was not to be.

Joshua Ryan Reynolds suggests Anya dye her bright yellow fabric.

Anthony Ryan talks to his fiance on Skype or whatever. Uh oh. Family stuff. That’s often the kiss of death. But he’s done quite well previously, and hasn’t been getting all that much camera time this episode, so maybe they just wanted to show us his cute fiance and talk about New York legalizing gay marriage.

Tim walks in, there are 2 hours left and everyone in is the sewing room. Yikes! Sew faster, sew like the wind!

Cecelia has basically given up. She just seems totally defeated. Oddly enough, she helps Julie. Why!? I mean, I know they’re friends (apparently) but she is totally shooting herself in the foot.

Laura Kathleen’s garment isn’t on her model yet, but she’s helping Anya get her garment fitted. I sense some time manipulation, as it doesn’t seem to be happening at the last minute as implied.

The Runway

Guest judges are Joanna Coles, editor-in-chief of Marie Claire and Kerry Washington

All Images from


Joshua: Went with a very tradtional shift dress silhoutte, but played with the super-popular color blocking in gray and coral. I really like this look, the black outlining gives it some interest, the shaping of the color blocking gives it a flattering look, and the coral is totally on-trend. My complaint would be that it maybe isn’t quite creative enough and it doesn’t look terribly expensive; there is something a little bit Macy’s about it. The back has cutouts and a full-length super industrial-looking zipper. I think he was trying to take the quite business-casual front to night in the back, but it just doesn’t totally work for me.


Bert: Bert made a pretty simple black dress. It has a sternum brushing neckline which kind of reminds me off those drape things they sometimes require for high school senior pictures. The overall shape of the dress is incredibly simple and doesn’t bring anything new to the table. It just feels like any off-the-rack dress from, well, I know I said it before, but Macy’s. The only thing that takes it out of the department store is the centered front slit, which is kind of trashy.


Olivier: Olivier made another Olivier outfit. Minimal, boring colors, not my bag at all. I’m not sure if it is his fabric choice or what, but everything looks wrinkly and ill-fitting. I think the pants are frankly quite terrible, there is something going on with the crotch when the model walks that gives me pause. Despite the fact that I am not a fan of his aesthetic, I really thought Olivier could construct a killer pair of pants. I guess I was mistaken.


Anthony Ryan: The controversial fabric is pretty awesome. I like the top of this look very much, it is like a sleeveless suit jacket, and I think it is really modern and has an appeal to it. I’m not a huge fan of the skirt, it has volume in weird places, and I think he made a misstep with the color. I think he matched the color to one of the colors in the ombre-effect close-up rather than taking a step back to see if the skirt matched the overall tone of the print, because at a distance, it really doesn’t look like it matches. It’s a nice day look, but the youthful skirt keeps it from transitioning well to eveningwear.


Becky: More of the controversial fabric, and I still like it. Whereas Anthony Ryan had the dark tone at the top; Becky has the dark tone at the bottom, which gives it more of a paint splatter affect, which I’m not sure works in its favor. The detail at the top of the dress is hard to see because the model’s hair is obscuring it, but I think she used bands of a darker tone on the diagonal. Once again, my criticism of Becky is that aside from added frippery (in this case the diagonals) the overall shape of the dress is quite simple and uninspiring. We saw last week that she can make a killer jacket, so I’d like to see more from her wheelhouse than cute little dresses. They show that up close it has tiny bits of yellow piping, but even on my 42” high-def tv, I couldn’t see it until the cameraman zoomed way in. So clearly, she should have added a bit more.


Kimberly: Well, she moved away from the blue, but I don’t think that was a good thing. The pants look impeccably made, as expected, but holy crap! That top! Can anyone say “taste issues.” I said it during the Road to Runway coverage, but Kimberly likes her shiny. Which can be deployed judiciously and look great, but here it just looks cheap. Like really cheap. Halloween costume cheap. In fact, thinking about it, I think I had a Halloween costume made out of this exact fabric in silver the year I went trick or treating as an alien. I was a weird kid. But nonetheless, aside from the pants, this doesn’t look expensive, and furthermore doesn’t look like something Nina would wear. It’s really too bad about the fabric choice, because I actually think the shape of the top is lovely. In a different fabric, this could have been a winning look, I think.


Cecelia: This is bad. Bad. Bad. Bad. I know she said she thought the gray was a purple in Mood, but that isn’t an excuse. The gray is the prettier of the two fabrics. What the hell was she thinking with that burlap-tone? It is so unbelievably ugly. And the dress, holy crap, this thing is one of the easiest silhouettes, in that I criticize Becky on deploying it week after week. And Cecelia managed to screw it up. Badly. The poor model looks pregnant. And I know Nina just had a baby, but lady probably worked damn hard to get her body fit again, she does not need to look as though she is still with child. Oh the terribleness! I weep.


Anya: Okay, full-disclosure: I am a jumpsuit hater. No, not just hater, despiser. But this? This is actually pretty cute. The slim fit of the garment gives it a sleekness not often seen in jumpsuits. I like the way she used almost a suit-like collar to dress up the top. I am not a big fan of the length, though. I think dyeing the fabric was definitely the way to go, so kudos to Joshua Ryan Reynolds for suggesting it. Still, Anya did rely on the cheater belt from the Piperlime wall, so points deducted for that.


Danielle: Another look that doesn’t seem to stretch Danielle that much from her preferred aesthetic. I just don’t see her challenging herself that much from week to week, which is a disappointment. This looks totally business-casual. The pants look well-made, for a simple black pant. The blouse is well-made, but just way too simple. I think the kelly green is crazy (and not Nina) but it is the only interesting thing going on in this look. Danielle is a great executor of looks, I just am not seeing a ton of creativity going into her work. And nothing about this look says evening. It says “Hi, I’m Mandy, and I’ll be your server tonight. Can I interest you in our neverending basket of onion rings?”


Julie: Hello horse-blanket aesthetic (again.) No sir, I don’t like it. The orange is totally Star Wars X-Wing pilots. I think the other fabrics are muddy and uninteresting. I’m not sure if she knew she was grabbing a boring khaki, but that’s what this is. Why did none of the designers pick a gray with the more sophisticated blue undertones rather than these drab yellowy utilitarian fabrics. The whole thing is just kind of a mess of assymetry, and it doesn’t do anything for me. The unmatching askew belt is a poor addition as well. Julie said she just finished fashion school, and in this outfit it shows. This is total student work; there is nothing sophisticated about it.


Bryce: More blocking, but not bringing anything interesting to the table. The color choices, again, stink. I think the shape of the blocks have some potential, and I like that he went with a sleeve, but the whole thing is just super boring. I also see some sewing issues, in that the hem looks like it puckered, or maybe he glued it? Either way, there is some funny business going on with the hem. And as I just unpaused the DVR, and he points it out.


Laura Kathleen: The green is just a “no” for me. Especially in this shiny American Girl Doll Christmas dress fabric. I actually like the overall shape of the look, and the peekaboo strips along the bottom are a nice touch, though perhaps just doing the bottom one would have been more tasteful. And I think the assymetrical overlap on the bottom of the jacket looks silly and distracts from the silhoutte. And once again the fabric choice ruins it for me. I actually think the color isn’t terribly wrong, but it just isn’t right in this fabric (it might be taffeta?) The stiffness of the fabric, too makes it just look silly. In a more sophisticated fabric, this look could have been much improved. As it is, it’s tacky, tacky, tacky.


Viktor: The dress has some interest with the exaggerated shoulder, although I feel as though I’ve seen this before on major runways a couple of years ago, maybe Balmain or Balenciaga? The silhoutte just feels “done” to me. As has the volume in the skirt. I mean, just a couple of weeks ago for the pet store challenge, Olivier did a skirt treatment very much like this one. Granted, he won that challenge, but doing another take on it so soon after that smells a touch like recreation. That being said, this structured black dress is probably the most “Nina” of the night. So despite my copycatty misgivings, it’ll probably win this week.


My Top 3, in no order (man, tonight was rough):


Joshua (he’s one of my favorites, so sue me)

Anthony Ryan


My bottom 3, in no order (rough, rough I tell you):





The Judges’ Top 3:


Kimberly (really!? With that shiny gold fabric!?)



The Judges’ Bottom 3:





Kimberly wins! (Really!? Really!? I have to assume the top looked better in person? I like Kimberly as a person, but I stand by my assertion the fabric choice was not good)


Viktor is in


Anya is in.

Danielle is in.

Cecelia is…in.

That means Julie is out. Too bad, we finally got to see her cute quirky personality this week. Being that I wasn’t a fan of anything she made throughout the show, I can’t say I’m terribly sad to see her go.


Wow. This week was brutal.