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PPR Season 12 – Challenge 6

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The challenge this week is called “Let’s Go Glamping.” This week we were to create an editorial look inspired by nature – not something to be worn for camping!

Let me get it out of the way first – I was not inspired by this challenge at all. After so many weeks of very limited parameters, this challenge seemed incredibly open-ended. And I find that having specific limitations really helps spur my creativity. So I just wasn’t feeling the challenge this week.

I moped around feeling uninspired for days, the deadline closing in on me. I had to do something! So I went with one idea that I thought I could maybe pull off in the last few hours of the challenge (yes, I really, really procrastinated this week.) I was inspired by allium flowers, those are in nature, right? I really had wanted to do a dandelion dress, but my fabric choices didn’t include the vibrant yellow I needed for that. So allium it was.



Allium by Steve A Johnson on Flickr.



Zhanna heads down the runway in a purple mini-dress featuring a lavender layered overskirt.

I fully admit that this garment is not good this week. It was one of those situations where I was coming in just under the wire and simultaneously things weren’t coming out the way I wanted. Frustration set in and at some point, I just said “Fine. Good enough.” So I can’t really defend this look on the runway. It’s too simple, it has taste issues (it ended up a lot shorter than I intended) and the overskirt/peplum looks like she shoved a tutu on over her dress.



For styling the look from the Belk Wall I added the Lauren Ralph Lauren Saffiano Belt which I think would drastically help improve the look. I also added Erica Lyons Silver Bangle Bracelets and G by GUESS Tarrah Booties. I went a little bit edgier with the accessories to help pull the look out of being so “ballerina-y.”

For hair, I think something short and edgy would be cool, like Robyn’s bleach blonde cut. Apparently wigs can be used on the show? So maybe I could find a nice wig for my model that looks like that. For makeup, I think going really dark around the eyes would add to the edgy look.

As I’ve stressed above, I really don’t feel very positively about this look. It didn’t turn out the way I wanted and I don’t think it represents me as a designer at all. That being said, I can see this being worn on the red carpet or a photo call, if not for an editorial. I could see some young starlet (probably from the CW or something) wearing this to the Grammys or VMAs or a “Young Hollywood” awards. Something that tends to be more goofy in its fashions. Still, I don’t think the judges would be impressed this week. I’d probably be in the bottom three, for the reasons I listed above. Oh well, at least PPR is just for fun and I can be back for another round next week!

PPR Flickr page – look at it! Ooh and aah over fabulous tiny fashions!


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  1. It’s funny this was the first week I felt really inspired. It is amazing how differently we all work. I think we all have weeks we struggle & even though you struggled this week I think your past strong work would keep you in!


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