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PPR Season 12 – Challenge 4

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This week’s challenge is titled “Tie the Knot.” We were to create a look using a bow tie as our inspiration. The bow tie should be used in an unconventional way. As we weren’t provided a variety of ties, we could also use a regular necktie. We could also use additional fabrics if desired.

I don’t think Joe would have been pleased had I used one of his ties, so off to the thrift store I went. They didn’t have any bow ties, so I picked out a regular neck tie instead. Unsurprisingly, the pickin’s were pretty slim at the thrift store. Lots of extremely ugly ties. Sorry, but I don’t think a Santa Claus tie is particularly fashionable. I ended up finding one that I didn’t despise, but it was very stained and dirty.  It was time to make it work. So I washed the tie. It was quite disgusting. The tie bled like crazy, so I’m glad I was hand washing it alone in the sink. I pulled it apart, removed the sodden inside material, and let it dry (and I completely neglected to take a photo of it.) A coolish ironing and some spray starch later, I had my main material.

My idea was to play with the idea of formal wear and the shape of a bow tie. I wanted to make a formal dress with a bow tie as the main feature.



Zhanna walks the runway in a simple gown featuring an oversized bow tie at the bust.

The basic silhouette of the dress is made with the necktie. I thought the lavender and navy polka dots were a nice scale for my model. The shape of the dress is very simple. But it had to be, due to the giant boob bow that was the focal point of the look. I made the bow tie out of a bit of aubergine satin.

I had the worst time trying to work with the tie material. I typically create darts and other shaping to fit my garments to my model. This material fought me like crazy. I believe the fabric is cut on the bias, so it stretched in odd ways and seemed to fight me constantly. I’m just not versed in working with slippery bias cut material. So I kind of gave up on trying to get a tailored fit and just left the dress “figure skimming.”

In styling this look, I was thinking along the lines of “charity gala.” So not really red carpet, but more “rich ladies at a $5,000 a plate dinner.” So the styling is definitely a bit more…extravagant than normal?



In going a bit more over-the-top than normal, the Belk wall was pretty useful this week. I picked the Badgely Mischka Humbie II Sandal (what is with that name?) the Carolee A Pearl Affair Cluster Gold Bracelet, and the piece de la resistance, the Mary Frances Love n Der Handbag. (Was this the bag that Sandro wanted to use? I thought it worked well with my dress.)

For hair, I think smooth and loose like Zhanna’s hair is nice, though a low chignon would also be lovely. Makeup should be dramatic for night, a deep, smoky eye and medium-tone lipstick.

Overall, I’m not all that happy with this look. I think the silhouette of the gown is too simple and the boob bow is a weird size. It is definitely not one of my best looks. I think I would be in the bottom three this week. Luckily for me, Sandro removed himself via his shitfit, so I am safe.

As per usual, don’t forget to take a look to see what the other participants created this week at the PPR Flickr Page.


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  1. I can see this as a pretty bridesmaids dress. (Oh, I don’t mean that in a bad way.) I’m pretty sure the fabric is bias which is trick & mine just frayed! I felt lucky Sandro knocked himself out this week too!

  2. Wow! I really like this. I thought you used the tie for the bow, but then read you used the tie for the dress! Good job making it work and with the styling.


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