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PPR Season 10 – Challenge 2

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Oh goodness. This week absolutely kicked my butt. Probably my worst unconventional materials challenge thus far, if not my worst challenge ever. The challenge this week was called “Candy Couture.” We had a budget of $25 and one day to create a look made out of candy. Thankfully, we were allowed to use fabric as a base.


Zhanna heads down the runway in a red strapless party dress featuring a fringed and layered skirt and a strapless, shiny top.


As you can probably see, I struggled with this challenge quite a bit.  I was just so befuddled. Scale was a real problem. Everything in the candy aisle seemed so enormous compared to my model. I had originally planned to make a dress with miniature M&Ms, kind of a cool mosaic-inspired look. But apparently mini M&Ms have been discontinued. I swore they still moonlighted in the baking aisle, but no dice. Since I couldn’t think of any good replacement for the mini M&Ms for the mosaic look, I decided I liked the idea of doing a fringe-y layered skirt. I decided that Twizzlers Pull and Peels would work okay for this purpose. But then I was at a complete loss when it came to the top. I went to two different stores and nothing in the candy aisle was all that inspiring to me. I ended up purchasing a box of Fruit Roll Ups. That’s pretty much candy, right?

Then came the nightmare of actually trying to create the look. Ugh. Not fun. The Fruit Roll Ups were so much stickier than I remember them being. They stuck to themselves and were impossible to remove from the thin plastic. It was just a mess. I was eventually able to cut out a template with kitchen shears and hot glue it down. And the Twizzlers weren’t much better. They were also a sticky mess, sticking to my fingers, each other, my work surface. It was beyond frustrating. I seriously felt like I was going to cry. Eventually I got everything glued down and then basically ran to get pictures taken because I seriously have no idea how long this will last. So my pictures are terrible this week, too. Terrible pictures to go along with a terrible look. There was just no way to achieve a good, tailored fit with the materials I chose.


To style this look, I wanted to make it feel a bit edgy, yet still red carpet ready. From the Lord and Taylor website I accessorized with:

BCBG Max Azria Snake-Print Ring

Franco Sarto Vanna Platform Sandals

BCBG Max Azria Tribal Beaded Necklace

Am I happy with my look this week? No, not really. It was frustrating to me at every point along the way. I didn’t enjoy my materials, I felt incompetent using them, and I feel like the end result reflects that. I think I would be in the bottom three this week. I hope I can squeak by. I’m just glad this challenge is behind me.