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Project Project Runway: Challenge 1 Workroom Part 2

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Tiny little pattern pieces for Project Project Runway’s “Come As You Are” Challenge. I drafted this patterns myself. So proud of myself! Come Thursday, I will reveal the finished outfit.
Tiny little pattern pieces for Project Project Runway’s “Come As You Are” Challenge. I drafted this patterns myself. So proud of myself! Come Thursday, I will reveal the finished outfit.


Project Project Runway: Challenge 1 Workroom

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My fabrics for Project Project Runway Challenge 1. We get to use a 10-inch square of white fabric (the sheet) and a 10-inch square of fabric similar to our pajamas.
I’m really looking forward to getting my scissors into this fabric!
My fabrics for Project Project Runway Challenge 1. We get to use a 10-inch square of white fabric (the sheet) and a 10-inch square of fabric similar to our pajamas.

I’m really looking forward to getting my scissors into this fabric!

Project Project Runway Challenge 1

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The first challenge “Come As You Are” is up for Project Project Runway. Make an original outfit Using a 10-inch square piece of white fabric (the sheet) and a 10-inch square piece of fabric similar to my pajamas.

Project Runway: Episode 1 Recap

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Opening Drama

Shaking things up, not all 20 are going to compete. First, they have to present in front of the judges and Tim. Four are going home right off the bat, which sucks for those four, but is nice for not having such a damn long season overall.

So Michael, Nina, Heidi, and Tim take a look at the Top 20’s work. So it is basically Road to Runway Redux, which is nice if you didn’t watch the past hour, but repetitive if you did. We do learn that each competitor gets their own twitter hashtag. Which is kind of silly, since they should just want folks to use hashtag “project runway” if they want to be a trending topic. Apparently it is for fan favorite. I guess we are supposed to vote early and often. I honestly have no idea who they are going to send home. Nina is being the tough judge. I love it when she’s tough and grouchy.

Okay, so who did they not love? Anya is a wild card due to her lack of experience, clearly. Other than that, I’m really not sure.

Olivier’s name keeps changing prononciation. It is it like “Lawrence Olivier” or “Oliver!”?

So, the judges decide that…

David is out.

Gunnar is out.

Amanda is out.

Anya is…in? Well, I guess we will indeed see if she can sew.

Serena is out. Cecelia is in because she is Capital C Ca-razy.


At 5:00 AM Tim walks into each apartment and burgles the designers, taking everything that is precious to them while they sleep peacefully. No, he actually wakes them to “Come as they are” and to bring a bed sheet. A-ha, I think I know what the challenge will be…

Their PJs and their bedsheets will be their materials. They get closures and dyes as well. They have from 5-ish AM to 10 at night. They have to wear hiddy color-coded scrubs like they work in a hospital…or a prison.

The Work Room
Fallene wants to use her Threadless puking clown t-shirt. Oh girl, no. Just…no. Its not clever for a $20 t-shirt, and it certainly isn’t clever for what is ostensibly “high fashion.”

Anya is getting the dippy-doo music as she tries to thread the machine. Which admittedly, professional machines are totally different than commercially available ones. Anya “I’ve never made a pair of pants…so I’m making a pair of pants.” Girl, have you watched the show? Pants? No!

Julie is making “snowboard-y-esque” pants. Is that really a Project Runway-caliber idea?

I am starting to love Joshua Ryan Reynolds. He is just so over-the-top and his facial expressions are wonderful. He even cut the sleeves off his scrubs to be “fashionable.”

Meanwhile, Josh (Mormon Josh) is a bit of a butthole. “I’m having issues with my model,” he says when the shorts he’s made don’t fit. No, you are not having issues with your model; you are having issues with the fit of your garments. Tim warned you your shorts were probably too small, and they are. This is not your model’s issue.

I can’t tell if Laura Kathleen’s “Are you speaking foreign?” to Olivier and his model is supposed to be tongue-in-cheek, but that makes her sound seriously ignorant. I can’t even.

Anya looks like she’s super-far behind. Like still pinned behind. Get it together, Lady!

The Pipercrap wall looks much nicer this season. Last season’s was so fug.
The Runway
Heidi introduces the runway wearing what appears to be my parents’ early nineties green bedsheets. How appropriate considering the challenge.The guest judge is Christina Ricci, whom I adore. Onto the fashions!

Joshua: The skirt is a smidge too short and the blue at the center of the waist is mediocre. I think if it had been used down the whole length it could have worked from a color-blocking perspective. I like the white vest. It is strange, but fresh. The top is assymetrical, which causes a slight boob-screpency.

Laura Kathleen: Billowy cloud pants. Ill-fitting in the crotch. Makes the model look like she has a huge ass. They still look pajama-y.

Danielle: I knew it was hers the minute it walked out. The model’s hair is done identically to the designer’s. The outfit doesn’t really do anything for me personally, but I think the shorts are pretty on-trend. Not a trend I really like, but on-trend nonetheless. The black-on brown shirt looks very much like Star Trek: The Next Generation uniforms. Like something Geordi or Worf would wear. Which isn’t necessarily a bad thing

Viktor: This looks like something a fifty-ish woman would wear to the country club. It isn’t new or fresh. It just feels done to me.

Becky: I feel like one-shouldered dresses are out of style right now. I personally like the dress, but it isn’t very innovative and the dress itself is way too simple. It’s very commercial and looks a bit young. The flourish on the shoulder looks like EKG electrodes.

Bryce: The proportions on this are So. Messed. Up. THe skirt is like, to her nipples. I like the volume of the blouse, but ugh, the proportions are HORRIBLE!

Anya: The first time pants are bulging in the crotch and hip area. They have a nice movement South of there, though. I find the shirt uninspiring, and I don’t think the top and pants go well together.

Julie: The pants are actually okay. They have a minimalist vibe to them that I like. The top just doesn’t go, though. I actually waffle back-and-forth on the top. On one hand I’m horrified, but on the other hand I feel it actually is an interesting color combination and has a bit of a Heatherette candyfloss feel to it. But it doesn’t look well made.

Olivier: Another designer’s work that I could recognize immediately. This completely fits into his aesthetic, which unfortunately I find drab, drab, and more drab. The top shows its construction, but not in a way that I find masterful or well-executed. It kind of looks like it was just put on inside-out. The skirt is a throwaway.

Kimberly: The shirt is like she took a curtain rod and bent it around the model’s neck, with the curtains still on it. Bad. The pants look fairly well constructed from the front, but the shiny racing stripes down the legs are straight-up workout gear, and I hate to say it, but the bunching under the tush makes it looks like there is, load in there.

Anthony: Despite Tim’s suggestion, he kept the black furry “pube stripe” down the front of his skirt. Ew. It reminds me of a certain scene in the moving “Waiting…”Also, way too short. Heidi will love it. But to me, not a good look. The shirt looks cheap, like something from Forever 21. It’s serviceable, but nothing I’d write home about.

Rafael: The model looks like she’s wearing jodhpurs. Which by their very definition make it look like the model has a huge ass. Which she patently does not. The waist is way too high, especially since the shirt is stomach revealing, leaving a little tummy peekhole which looks trashy as all get out. Seriously, the poor model looks like a pregnant redneck down at the bar. She’s No Angel. Also, no points for simply retailoring his own pants and it looks like the shirt is his shirt as well.

Fallene: Yep, she used the clown vomming into the toilet. The dress has a bubble skirt, which could work with more volume, but it falls a bit on the flat side. I like the treatment she did on the fabric to make a pattern. The yellow looks fresh. Minus Pukey The Clown, this is probably one of my favorites of the night, but the clown makes it have some serious taste issues. Good thing so many other designs were so terrible.

Bert: The dress is too short for my taste. But I’m a fuddy-duddy. It actually looks better on the model than it did in the workroom. I’m not sure the top is doing the model any favors, it kind of looks like her right boob is trying to make a break for the hills. The plaid is really cute, though. The styling leaves much to be desired.

Mormon Josh: The shorts. Oh God, the shorts. Pleated shorts. Bunching. No. The top looks completely unfinished. Like criminally unfinished. Ill fitting. Just..bad. I am kind of lost for words.

Cecelia: Not a smart Idea to make the skirt get shorter in the front. It is very, very, very short amongst many others in the running for shortness. Poor model almost showed her booty. The top is also very low on the model’s body. Without the sad little “organ meat” jacket-y shrug thing, this would be like a 40’s swimsuit. And not in a fun Katy Perry way.

All images from MyLifetime
My Top 3 (In no order):



Fallene (minus Pukey the Clown)Overall though, I am disappoint. I was grasping at straws to build this Top 3.

My Bottom 3 (In no order):



Mormon Josh

The Judges’ Top 3:




The Judges’ Bottom 3:



Mormon Josh
Bert gets the win and immunity!

Julie is in.

Mormon Josh is in.

That means Rafael is out. I guess no one wanted to look like a pregnant lady in jodhpurs wearing a leopard print bib.
I think we’re off to a rough start this season. I think some of the contestants are interesting, but I liked two, maybe three outfits. The rest were a shitshow. Not a good start. Not a good start at all.

Project Runway: Road to Runway Recap

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Okay, hopefully this recap will be short. These things are always a bit tedious and under-produced. Plus most of the footage has been available online for a few weeks now.

So anyway, Tim starts us off with some boring in-studio talking heads.

Cecilia: A bit (understatement) abrasive personality-wise. I guarantee she will pull out the famous “I’m not here to make friends” quote sometime this season. Trash talking folks before the competition even starts, no wonder they cast her. Her clothes didn’t wow me. Ten minutes later I won’t remember a single piece.

Julie: So very Colorado hippie, which is not necessarily a bad thing. I can’t say I’m fan of her aesthetic. The pieces she showed were clearly part of a single collection, but I would have liked a bit more variety in what she showed. At this point I’m not sure how she’ll adapt to other challenges. .

Laura Kathleen: Princessy. I find her personality is a bit off-putting. Surprisingly, I actually like her designs. A girl who’s into prints is a girl after my heart.

Viktor Luna: “I’m very eclectic” he says. That can be the kiss of death in that it sometimes means the designer has issues with consistency. He is also getting the screw-up music.

Anya: She’s an ex Miss Universe contestant. Okay. I think she makes pretty cute clothes, though. But she’s only sewing for a couple months!? Hope she can pull it together.

Bryce: Portland. Hey, he has his own Barbie model! I find that his designs look way better in on bodies photography than they do on hangers Could he be one of my favorites? The one-legged jean is kind of crap, though.

Rafael: Cray-cray personal style. Kind of excellent work, though. Love the structure to his work.

Anthony Ryan: Color blind. Cancer-survivor. Personally, I’m not really liking his work. Too casual.

Becky: Raisted in a religious sect. Self-admitted crier. Tries to design for different body types, which as a plus-sized lady I appreciate. Her work looks impeccably made, but I’m just not thinking she’ll make it long.

Bert: Older gent. Brought his own models.  Used to work for Halston. His work doesn’t wow me. His shapes looks unfinished to me.

Kimberly: Self-taught. Her work is very shiny. Lots of satins. Lots of short. Heidi will love her.

Gunnar: Most hilarious name ever. He’s charming, though. Brown. Evening. Gown. Bleh.

Danielle: Love her feminist-slant, her androgynous aesthetic. Another early favorite for me, I think.

David: There was a red coat they quickly showed that was amazing! But he didn’t bring it to the audition. I wanted to see more of that! Lots of pleats, buttons, snaps, etc. Well-structured, but a bit boring.

Joshua: Brought menswear. His womenswear sketches didn’t impress me. A lot of personality, so no wonder they cast him. Somehow a bit Ryan Reynolds-y?

Josh: Modern dandy Mormon. Brought menswear. What’s up with Joshes and menswear?

Olivier: Posh accent. Reminds me a touch of Malan from Season 3, mostly due to the accent. Also a menswear designer. Lovely tailoring. Very international education, but I don’t entirely see that in his work.

Fallene: Her work seems very specific, a bit on the fussy side, and I don’t really see how her designs connect to one another. I wonder how she’ll work under pressure?

Serena: Her work doesn’t excite me. Maybe a bit simple for my taste. Designer of the Wal-Mart Miss Tina line which I actually own a dress from. So there’s no way she’ll make it in this competition.

Amanda: Her work is a bit too…much for me. Lots of neons, over-worked, kind of a Sorority girl look.

So there you have it; the Top 20 for Season 9. Does this mean there’ll be 20 episodes? What have I gotten myself into?!

Project Project Runway – My Model Continued

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A bit more about Gia. I picked Gia for her high-fashion look. I was drawn to her strong features and her confidence. I think she will look equally at-home in all types of looks and though a bit stiff in her presentation will be able to sell whatever look I send her down the runway in.

Project Project Runway My Model

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My “model” Gia. I wonder if she and I have what it takes to get to “Fashion Week”? Girl better not have an attitude or be habitually late á la Morgan in Project Runway Season 1. I’m not afraid to “mix things up” if she doesn’t work out. I’m not here to make friends…(yes I am!)